A note from Dr. Warren NISD - Superintendent Ryder Warren, Ed.D.



It seems crazy in the spring that we are already planning for the new school year coming next August, but as a fast-growth school district, Northwest ISD must always look toward our future. We are blessed to have a culture of community support and strategic planning. From the development of our Strategic Framework (beliefs, vision, mission, and goals) to the long-range facility plan created to accommodate our rapidly growing student enrollment, we rely on our community to help develop and mold the future of our school district.

As superintendent, I sincerely appreciate and value the involvement and support of our community. As we plan for the 2020-2021 school year and our budget and long-term financial health, the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees has established the focus of two important, strategic tools – the Superintendent’s Performance Objectives and the 2021 Northwest ISD Legislative Priorities.


As soon as we came back from our Christmas Break, the NISD School Board and I started working on developing my Superintendent’s Performance Objectives. These overlying objectives identify the most pressing issues for the school district every school year, and the objectives start the planning process for every new year. They are based on our strategic goals, district needs, and staff input. While I may be the only one being evaluated on these objectives at the end of the year, I like to share these with parents, staff, and the community as I believe they represent a shared interest and effort.

The following are my Superintendent’s Performance Objectives: (1) Literacy; (2) College, Career, and Life Readiness; (3) Staff Support; (4) Safety and Security; and (5) Financial Reform and Transparency.

When discussing my Performance Objectives with staff, parents, and community members, I am always asked the question regarding which objective is most important on the list. The very easy answer is the one goal we aspire to every day of the school year – Safety and Security. Operating an organization that comprises more than 25,000 students, 3,000 staff members, and hundreds of guests in our buildings every day, all of our stakeholders must feel both physically and emotionally safe.

Then the very next objective I always highlight is literacy. One of the things I love about our district and our school board is the emphasis on reading. Our children must have a foundation of reading in order to foster all other learning and understanding. Likewise, students must be ready for life

– academically and behaviorally. Having a staff equipped to ensure the success of students and a sound budget that effectively and efficiently balances the desires of our community and our fiduciary responsibility are equally important to our long-term viability. These objectives are the areas in which we will focus in the coming year.


Another very important list that focuses the district on the most important challenges we deal with are the district’s Legislative Priorities. Now that we are in the interim time between legislative sessions, the trustees are already working to shore up the relationships we have with our eight state leaders – three state senators and five state representatives – and we are making sure these leaders truly understand the needs of Northwest ISD that can be affected by the State Legislature.

Noting our challenge as a fast-growth school district, our overarching goal is that considerations, accommodations, and relief for fast-growth school districts be provided. Gaining 1,200 new students a year creates unique challenges for us … academically, financially, and operationally. There are only approximately 80 out of 1,200 school districts in Texas that are considered fast-growth, but this unique burden creates serious challenges and consequences for our school system.

For your awareness and (hopefully) support, the following are our 2021 Northwest ISD Legislative Priorities representing our key areas of concern: (1) Fast-Growth Status; (2) Texas Public School Finance; (3) Academic Accountability and Assessment; (4) North Texas and/or NISD Roadways and Infrastructure; and (5) School Safety and Security.

I love that our community embraces the shared responsibility of student success in Northwest ISD. I encourage you to be aware of the objectives and priorities that we are focusing on and to hold us, our staff, and our community accountable for providing students the best education possible. Thank you for helping us empower learners and leaders.

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