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When they’re not working from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., the employees of Justin State Bank in Justin, Texas are coming up with ways to get more involved in their community. In the midst of national uncertainty, Judy Reid and Ben Rathjen took an opportunity to support those around them, hoping to bring some goodwill with a donation of $1,000 to the Justin Community Food Pantry.

“I thought, hey! We need to be giving more to the community during COVID-19,” said Judy Reid, an employee at Justin State Bank. “I love the community, I love the people, and I hate that I’m not able to visit the nursing homes, since they’re closed. I just send cards from the bank to let them know we’re thinking about them.”

Despite the fact that Judy does not live in Justin, she has worked there for over 28 years and has developed a deep affection for not only the local way-of-life, but the customers she serves at the bank every day.

“I love all of our customers,” Reid said, “we try our best to keep them happy and let them know that they’re a person with us and not a number.”

Most people don’t realize just how far a donation will go in the way of helping non-profit organizations, like the Justin Community Food Pantry.

“It gives us a big step toward feeding our 300 to 400 people a month,” said Jodi Davenport, board member for Justin Cares, the organization behind supporting the Justin Community Food Pantry. “We have a partnership with Tarrant Area Food Bank and we have the opportunity to buy food at a very good price, so this will buy anywhere from 8-10+ times the amount of food than if you went to the grocery store and bought it yourself.”

The Justin Community Food Pantry serves Justin, and any zip code that touches it. This includes Argyle, Ponder, and so many more areas with people who are food insecure, a term used to describe the lack of access to vital necessities, like nutrition and hygiene related items. Food Pantries, such as this one, rely heavily on the support of their community.

“We’ll put to use pretty much any donation that we get,” said Davenport.

To visit or donate to the Justin Community Food Pantry, go to 405 W 3rd St, Justin, TX 76247. They are open every Tuesday from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. If you would like to make a donation outside of those hours, you can bring your donations to the locations listed below. For more information, follow them on Facebook @JustinCommunityFoodPantry. For monetary donations, please send to PO Box 492, Justin Texas 76247

First Baptist Church of Justin: 402 W 8th St, Justin, TX 76247

H&R Block: 815 W 1st St, Justin, TX 76247

Justin United Methodist Church: 205 N Jackson Ave, Justin, TX 76247

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