Lonesome Spur Cafe

When I think of Texas, I think of farmers, ranchers, “bless your hearts” and pie made from scratch. The moment you walk into the Lonesome Spur Cafe, you feel right at home in an atmosphere dripping with wholesome, good ol’ boy, southern charm.

The cafe was opened in 2007 by Dakon and Amy Doggett, who, after working for years in the food service industry, wanted a place to call their own. From there, they created a sense of community and, more importantly, family, with not only their customers, but their staff as well.

“I’ve worked here, on and off, for going on 12 years.” said Brandie Frair. “I’ve seen a lot of kids grow up here.” she shared.

That attitude is mirrored by the customers, most of whom are regulars known not only by the staff, but by each other.

“Drinks usually hit the table before butts hit the seat,” shared Frair, “A lot of people table hop once they’re here. They’ll sit down and eat and then visit with each other afterwards.”

While hospitality is a huge part of the Lonesome Spur experience, it isn’t the only thing that keeps guests coming back. Their unique menu, with items for both breakfast and lunch, is another part of the ambiance that the staff takes pride in. We recommend trying “The Hoss” which is mashed potatoes, two chicken fried steaks, chili gravy, served with a fried egg and an onion ring on top. An entree that will make the faint-of-heart need a to-go box. They offer a menu spanning from open faced biscuits with gravy, to cornbread and pinto beans with your eggs. No matter your fancy, Lonesome Spur Cafe’s unique selection is unlike anything you can find elsewhere.

Now, let's talk pies. The Lonesome Spur offers a wide-selection of pies, made from scratch. Every couple of days, Friar whips up some new pies. Depending on when you visit, you could find yourself having to make a difficult choice between chocolate, coconut, pecan, buttermilk, cherry cheese cake, or reese’s peanut butter pies. -Now, that’s not a decision I’d take very lightly.

For more information on the Lonesome Spur Cafe, or to let them cater your next event, be sure to follow them on Facebook @lonesomespur. www.LScatering.net Or give them a call at (940) 648-2600.

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 6 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Sunday 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Closed Monday

Address: 218 S FM156, Justin, TX 76247

Website: Facebook - @lonesomespur

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