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Cathy Green, owner and broker of Major League Realty, is a two time Best Realtor in 76247 Magazine nominee. Last year, Green won her category and attributes the reason so many locals voted in her favor was due to her genuine love for both Justin and Ponder.

“It’s not really a job to me, it’s kind of my destiny to do this job,” said Cathy. “I see it more as a service provider from someone who has lived in the community with lots of knowledge of the history and the development.”

Cathy, a former teacher at Northwest High School, lived in Justin for 27 years before she made Ponder her current residence.She became a stay-at-home mom to raise her son, Major, and used that time to also get her real estate license.

“As a teacher, one thing I loved about teaching is that we weren’t just teaching history, we were teaching life,” said Green. “I find that the same with Real Estate, if you do it with the right heart and the right spirit, you can really be there when people need you to be there and be a part of their team.”

Major League Realty is named after Cathy’s son. She has two offices, one in Ponder and

one in Justin. Every Tuesday, Cathy does training with her team and then they have lunch at a local establishment, an aspect of giving back to the community that Green finds important. She respects how hard businesses have fought to stay open during COVID-19.

“I think the best thing about Justin and Ponder is that it’s still a small town. We’ve gone through a lot of growing pains but there are people who are really fighting hard to keep it a small town community, with those old core values.”

This might be one of the many reasons that Green is regarded so highly in her profession and her community. Cathy is proud of her staff at Major League Realty, whom she feels have made her better and have the same kind of heart and dedication to the community that she does. Cathy believes that it is a huge privilege to be surrounded by the people she works with.

“I can’t just say that I’ve done this,” said Green. “We’re not a numbers company, we’re a people company.”

“If anybody really wanted to know who Cathy Green is, I would want them to know I’m not here for tomorrow, I'm here for the long haul,” said Green. “If you do business with us, we’ve been here 10 years, and 10 years down the road they can come and we can sell houses to their kids. We can be there for them through their great times and their bad times. We are local and we care about what this community looks like at the end of the day. When we talk about what this community will look like 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, what Justin and Ponder will look like, that matters to me because I want my grandkids to grow up in this community.”

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